About Us

Drug discovery and development center at faculty of Pharmacy Ain Shams University is a direct product of the collaborative efforts between Ain Shams University and Science and Technology Development Fund in Egypt (STDF) focusing on the development and discovery of new drug entities. The center provides the facilities required for drug synthsis, isolation of natural products and different spectroscopic analytical tools  as well as running different bioassay experiments. The center provides different collaborative opportunities with drug research bodies either in Egypt or abroad, moreover it provides different training opportunities for undergraduate students and young researchers interested in drug discovery research. The center provides the research community with fee-for-service  facilities for running different experimental procedures related to drug discovery and development research.

Scientific goals

  1. Discovery and development of new entities from the different available natural resources including plants, Marine organisms and microorganisms.
  2. Synthesis of new bioactive drug molecules applying sophisticated computer aided drug design techniques.
  3. Performing different bioassay studies.
  4. Providing continuous education facility through different workshops in the field of drug discovery and analysis for researchers in home or abroad.
  5. Providing a fee-for-service services for the research communities including running different experimental procedures related to drug discovery and development field through the available facilities in the center.
  6. Providing scientific consultations for the related bodies including ministry of health and population, drug companies and different research institutes working in drug discovery and development.
  7. Exchange of experience through performing cooperation agreements with similar research bodies inside and abroad.
  8. Providing training opportunities for undergraduate students.


To be a model center for drug discovery and development research throughout the middle east and Africa


Providing the required facilities and infrastructure required for performing a complete sophisticated research for drug discovery and development as well as the preparation of new generation of well trained researches in this filed  and providing different training and continuous education programs for students and young researchers.